The Rules of PTTK Hostels

1. PTTK hostels are open to all tourists, especially members of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK).

2. A hostel is marked with the PTTK emblem on the outside. A hostel provides the following information: Rules of the PTTK Hostel, a price list with information about discounts, especially the PTTK discount, information about tourist trails leading to nearby hostels and other places – usually in the form of a map or a diagram, a public transport schedule in a nearby town or village (a bus stop, a railway station), information about dangers and rules of calling for help.

3. A hostel offers at least:

  • tourist-standard accommodation,
  • simple meals and hot drinks,
  • boiling water for tourists with their own utensils, either free of charge or at a price not exceeding the expenses,
  • warm water for washing,
  • a tourist kitchen which can be used free of charge – a room for preparing own meals, also with a tourist cooker,
  • a dining room for eating own meals,
  • a dining room can also be used as a day room at the time when meals are not served,
  • a first-aid kit with supplies,
  • a possibility to store equipment, to dry clothes and boots, and to repair equipment by tourists on their own.

4. The hostel manager replies to questions about accommodation booking within 14 days. The reply is binding on both parties.

5. Tourists are admitted to a hostel on a first-come, first-served basis, with a reservation that at the moment the reception desk is open or at simultaneous requests PTTK members are given priority. PTTK hostels grant PTTK discounts according to the rules specified in separate provisions.

6. Even if there are no vacant places, a hostel is obliged to provide shelter and accommodation for one night to a tourist who is unable to safely reach another hostel, railway station or other destination, also due to weather conditions etc. A fee for emergency accommodation should not exceed the price of the cheapest regular accommodation in the hostel. Emergency accommodation is granted only when there is no place in the sleeping rooms.

7. Quiet hours are mandatory in a hostel – using musical instruments and sound equipment must not disturb tourists’ rest.

PTTK Management Board