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Morskie Oko Mountain Hut in the Tatra Mountains

P.O. Box 201
34-500 Zakopane
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 736-169-34-13

Phone numbers (from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.): 

Detailed information about prices and booking can be found in What we offer section. Please remember that due to a considerable demand for accommodation in our Hut, booking should be made even a year before the planned visit.


The Hut is situated just at the banks of Morskie Oko Lake: the largest and the most beautiful lake in the Tatra Mountains. It is accessible both in summer and in winter.

How to get there

  • Most visitors to Morskie Oko choose a way via Palenica Białczańska which is the last car park 8.6 km before Morskie Oko. From Zakopane it is 22-25 km by car or by minibus (a ticket costs 10 PLN). There may be traffic jams in high season, so own car can be used preferably not during vacation months. It is also possible to go through Poronin, Bukowina Klin or the Oswald Balzer Road via Zazadnia. Palenica Białczańska (30-50 min) – the last car park before Morskie Oko, ticket office of the Tatra National Park, a rank of horse-drawn fiacres. Then on foot along an asphalt road. Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza (Mickiewicz Waterfalls, 40 min), nice and informative views from the bridge, especially when water is high. A forester’s lodge “Wanta” (1.15 min) of the Tatra National Park, a blowdown on the left. A shortcut along a stone path (without prams). Włosienica (1.40 min). It is possible to get to Włosienica by a horse-drawn fiacre and in winter by sleigh (for several people) or by cart (for about a dozen people). A ride takes ca. 60 min. A large glade with a car park, formerly a bus stop with a ticket office, a rank of horse-drawn fiacres, catering facilities and “Tabor” summer campsite of the Polish Mountaineering Association. Morskie Oko (2 h, denivelation over 430 m).
  • From Zakopane (Toporowa Cyrhla) on foot through subalpine forests of the High Tatras (Toporowa Cyrhla - Psia Trawka - Polana Waksmundzka - Rusinowa Polana - Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza - Morskie Oko), red markers , the hike takes ca. 6 h. A whole day trip, beautiful and informative. Moderate number of tourists even in high season.
  • From Zakopane (Kuźnice) on foot along the blue markers  through Hala Gąsienicowa - Zawrat (or Krzyżne along yellow markers , longer but - according to many - more interesting variant) - Pięc Stawów (Five Lakes) - Świstówka - Morskie Oko. A trek of the alpine character, good fitness and proper preparation are necessary. The hike takes 7-9 h, total climb over 1000 m. A whole day hike, preferably with staying overnight in the Hut.